Physiotherapy and Car Accident

How Physiotherapy Can Help You Recover After a Car Accident?

Car accidents are an undesirable part of life. However, if you move around primarily via car rides, car accidents are a possibility.

According to information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), over five million car accidents happen annually. At least 40% of these car accidents are classified as rear-end collisions. With rear-end collisions, car occupants are most likely to suffer an injury known as whiplash.

Whiplash occurs as a result of an over-extension of the neck past its normal motion range. This often results in undesirable symptoms including:

  • Pain in the neck and shoulders
  • Loss of motion in the shoulders and neck
  • Incessant headaches and migraines
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Numbness and tingling sensations

Asides from whiplash, there are a myriad of other physical injuries that may be caused by car accidents. Often time, these injuries may result in chronic pain, long-term damage and reduced mobility. However, with physiotherapy, you can make sure that your recovery proceeds faster.

Why don’t we take a quick look at the top ways in which physiotherapy can help you after a car accident? They include:

Car Accident Physiotherapy in Vancouver

Physiotherapy enhances your recovery process

Symptoms such as pain, reduced motion range, and stiffness always persist even after accident victims resume their daily activities. As a result of this, it is imperative that you undergo physical therapy following an accident.

This enhances your recovery rates and process by building your strength, improving flexibility and keeping pain at bay.

There are different physical therapy schemes available for you, each one designed to help you recover faster and with less pain depending on your symptoms.

Physiotherapy helps you avoid long-term damage

Most of the time, most car accident related injuries cause lingering symptoms and damage that can persist well after the crash. Physiotherapy doesn’t just work by addressing immediate injuries. It improves your flexibility, strength and body mobility to prevent the onset of long-term damage.

Studies have shown that patients who undergo physiotherapy immediately after an accident are more likely to enjoy pain-free lives. Degenerative disc diseases, frequent pain, and discomfort are a few of the symptoms that you risk by avoiding physiotherapy following a car accident.

Physiotherapy keeps you physically active

Sometimes, after a car accident, having to move around can be the hardest thing ever. However, it is precisely what you need to do. Physiotherapy helps you with that. With physiotherapy, there is no doubt that you would be physically active.

With increased physical activity, oxygenated blood molecules, as well as other essential nutrients, are pumped to the location of your injury. In essence, physical activity helps your body heal itself. Every exercise routine that is incorporated into your workout routine is done in a bid to improve body functions, mobility and also address pain points. This brings you closer to a speedier, wholesome recovery process.

With physiotherapy, you may not need surgery

Severe car accident related injuries need surgery most of the time. However, non-fatal injuries are not wholly exempt from surgical intervention. Most car accident injuries usually require corrective surgeries later in life as your body undergoes a natural wearing process.

However, you can avoid all of these complications by undergoing physical therapy. Physiotherapy routines help to strengthen tendons, muscles and ligaments essentially protecting the basic formative structures of your body. This way, the chances of you requiring surgeries are reduced drastically.

Physiotherapy can help restore motor functions

Perhaps, you are not a recent car accident victim. It still doesn’t negate the fact that you can get a lot of benefits from physical therapy.

Physical therapy goes a long way in restoring the mobility of patients suffering from old injuries.

With a combination of unique strength and cardiovascular exercises, you can achieve a pain-free lifestyle. Additionally, physical therapy also holds the added benefits of being non-invasive and requiring zero downtime. All pros and zero cons!

Let us help you

If you happen to be suffering from any form of physical injuries as a result of car accidents, your best course is to book a physiotherapy session at our Physiotherapy clinic. Our PT experts are on hand to help you today, even if you are unable to leave your home and require at home physiotherapy. Additionally, it is essential to know that the information in this blog post is shared to educate you. It is not a substitute or a counter for your doctor’s advice. Always see a doctor!

Contact us today so we can learn more about your condition(s), and we can outline how we can successfully execute an effective treatment plan.

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