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Laser Hair Removal

Say Goodbye to unwanted hair with our advanced laser hair removal services, giving you smooth and flawless skin that lasts longer than traditional methods.

Our Hair Removal Services

Why Laser Hair Removal?

Tired of constantly shaving, waxing, or plucking unwanted hair?

Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to smooth, hair-free skin with laser hair removal!

Our advanced laser technology offers a safe, effective, and long-lasting solution for permanent hair reduction.

Experience the freedom of never having to worry about stubble or ingrown hairs again. It targets the hair follicles, disabling their ability to regrow hair. This means you can enjoy silky smooth skin for longer periods, with significantly reduced hair growth.

Our highly trained professionals use state-of-the-art laser equipment, ensuring precise and comfortable treatments. Whether you want to remove hair from your face, legs, underarms, or bikini area, our customized treatments cater to your specific needs.

Forget about the pain and inconvenience of traditional hair removal methods. It is virtually painless, with minimal discomfort and no downtime. Plus, with our limited-time offer, you can enjoy special discounts on multiple sessions!

Don’t settle for temporary solutions. Invest in laser hair removal for a lifetime of smooth, hair-free skin.

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Limelight Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Vancouver

The highly certified laser technicians working at Limelight Laser Clinic have 10+ years of combined experience working on providing effective treatment to our clients.

We use FDA & Health Canada approved, high quality equipment that is known to provide the best results and permanently remove unwanted facial and body hair. Our number one priority is safety and comfort.

We will ensure you leave satisfied. We have designed our clinic to create the best possible experience and you will notice it right away. Our modern facility only uses state of the art equipment to provide you with clinically proven non-invasive laser treatments. We are conveniently located at the corner of Richards and Drake streets right next to Yaletown-Roundhouse subway station in Vancouver Downtown Area.

Laser Hair Removal FAQ

What should I expect during my laser treatment?

Depending on the area being treated and your situation you can expect the treatment to take up to about an hour but in some cases only a few minutes may be needed. The treatment works by delivering a laser pulse to the target area on your skin. The controlled heat will work to safely damage the target hair follicles.

Are the Gentle Hair Removal treatments painful?

As the name implies, the Gentle Hair Removal treatments are designed to minimize any sort of discomfort using a patented Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD). The DCD uses quick bursts of liquid cryogen to minimize discomfort. These quick bursts of cryogen are used before and after each laser pulse. The cryogen evaporates quickly and cools the outer layer of skin making for a painless process. Some patients feel a sensation similar to being snapped snapped with a rubber band but with DCD cooling the sensation typically goes away quickly.

How many treatments are needed for permanent hair removal?

After each treatment hair growth will be reduced. The number of treatments required for permanent hair removal will depend on the type of hair you have, skin tone and body area.

Are there any precautions I should be taking throughout this process?

You should avoid exposure to the sun for at least two weeks before the treatment. Any tanned skin should be faded before we begin the treatment. Do not pluck, wax or bleach for 4-6 weeks before/after the treatment.

Are there any side effects I should know about from Laser Hair Removal?

After the procedure your skin might be slightly red, this typically only lasts a few minutes to several hours. Laser and light-based treatments are safe and have been used for years to help with many medical and cosmetic treatments.



Achieve silky smooth legs with laser hair removal! No more shaving or waxing hassles. Get long-lasting results and say hello to confident, hair-free legs. 


Bikini Line

Get bikini-ready with laser hair removal for your bikini line! Say goodbye to the frustration of shaving or waxing and hello to smooth, flawless skin. 



Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Treat yourself to the luxury of Brazilian laser hair removal and feel empowered to embrace any occasion with confidence and grace. 


Upper Lip & Face

Discover the wonders of laser hair removal for your upper lip, and face. Unveil a smoother, hair-free complexion with long-lasting results. Free yourself from the burden of constant maintenance. 



Unleash your true potential and feel proud to show off your body, chest, and back with confidence and self-assurance. 


Underarms &Arms

Experience the freedom of hair-free underarms and arms. Ditch the razor and enjoy smooth, confident skin that lasts. 



Perfect arches, effortlessly achieved. Say goodbye to unwanted eyebrow hair with laser hair removal. 


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Technology We Use at Limelight

Gentle Max Pro
  • Is known as the god standard in Laser Hair Removal for all Fitzpatrick skin types.
  • Improved comfort using a Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) which works before and after each laser pulse by releasing a burst of liquid cryogen.
Soprano ICE
  • Clinically proved to be effective for 7 years
  • Cleared by the FDA for skin types I-VI and tanned skin
  • Treatment provided to patients is fast and cool


Fotona XP Dynamis
  • Speed and Versatility 
  • High-Performance Aesthetic Treatments
  • Anti-Aging from the Inside-Out
  • Patented Solutions 
  • Advanced Handpiece Technology 

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Satisfied patients

I have been utilizing Limelight's laser hair removal for over a year now. They offer a very professional atmosphere and an impressively diverse selection of services. My past few visits I’ve had the pleasure of having Ida as my aesthetician. Ida is exceptionally attentive to the needs of her client and is constantly making sure everything is done just right. I highly recommend Ida and the Limelight team for all your laser & beauty needs.

Christian Laub
Mar, 2023


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