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What are spider veins?

Spider Veins are appropriately named! Just like spiders and spider webs, nobody likes them.

The proper name for this small unsightly red, purple or blue blood vessels is telangiectasias. It’s easier to just call them spider veins. Spider Veins are small dilated blood vessels near the surface of the skin.

In contrast, varicose veins are usually larger in diameter and may appear as blue raised “worm-like” vessels. 

Causes of leg and facial veins

  • Heredity: They are typical to patients with a family history of this condition
  • Gender: There is a 4 to 1 female to male ratio
  • Age: Spider veins usually start to occur with patients between the ages of 18-35, but will peak with patients that are between 50-60 years old
  • Pregnancy/Hormones & increased blood volume and pressure
  • Age: Spider veins usually start to occur with patients between the ages of 18-35, but will peak with patients that are between 50-60 years old
  • Pregnancy/Hormones & increased blood volume and pressure
  • Trauma/damage or injury to the area where veins occur
  • Lifestyle/Occupation- high heeled shoes, sitting or standing for long periods, binding clothing, birth control pills, chronic constipation
  • Excessive sun exposure

What is laser vein therapy?

Laser Vein Therapy is a laser treatment for spider or reticular veins on the face and body to remove these broken and unsightly vessels. Spider veins are nonvital, meaning there is no real need for them. They appear most frequently on the face and legs. While they don’t pose any health risk they can be disfiguring and tend to worsen with time. Spider veins are typically less than 1 mm in diameter, but Skinpossible’s Cynosure Elite Laser can treat larger vessels up to 3 mm in diameter with excellent results. There is no reason not to.


• Safer and Less expensive then vein injections
• Non-invasive, no needles
• Only one treatment required
• Quick recovery

Advantages of choosing Laser to treatment spider veins

Laser therapy is a non-invasive procedure, which means it does not require surgical incisions or injections into the veins. This reduces the risk of infection, scarring, and the need for anesthesia.

Lasers can be precisely targeted at the spider veins, minimizing damage to surrounding tissue. This precision helps to effectively treat the veins while preserving the skin’s surface.

Laser therapy for spider veins typically requires little to no downtime. Patients can usually return to their normal activities immediately after the procedure, making it a convenient option.

Laser Vein Removal FAQ’s

How does laser vein therapy work?

During a laser vein removal treatment a concentrated beam of light energy from the laser is directed precisely at the small blood vessels.  The light penetrates below the surface of the skin and the heat causes the blood within the tiny vessels to coagulate.  The walls of the vein collapse, blood flow is stopped and over the next two to eight weeks the vein is absorbed into the body and disappears. Blood flow will then be redirected to veins deeper below your skin’s surface where it should be.

How many treatments are required for laser vein removal?

Usually only one to two treatments are sufficient but this depends on the number, colour and size of the vessels being treated.  Treatments can be purchased one at a time or as a series of three with cost savings advantages.  This is our best value for patients that want to rid themselves of troublesome leg and facial veins that are sporadic and not definitive to one particular area or body part.  Over a period of years new veins may appear and new treatment plans may be needed.

How long does it take to do a laser vein removal treatment?

Treatments are extremely fast but how long it takes will depend on how many spider veins there are to be treated.  Treatments are priced based on the amount of estimated time it will take to perform each treatment.  They are sold in 15 minute, 30 minute and 60 minute increments and we will treat as many veins as we can within the allocated treatment time.

Do laser vein treatments hurt?

A pulse of laser light feels like a small pinch or sting similar to the snap of a rubber band against the skin. No local anesthesia is required and the procedure is well tolerated by most people. For people with very sensitive skin, a medical-grade topical anesthetic can be provided.  Any redness or swelling should be gone within a day and you’ll be able to resume normal activities immediately.

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