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Cellulite Shockwave Therapy

Cellulite Shockwave Therapy uses high-energy sound waves to break down fat cells and reduce the appearance of cellulite.
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Cellulite Shockwave Therapy in Vancouver, Physiotherapy at Limelight Wellness Centre

Cellulite Shockwave Therapy in Vancouver

Zap Away Cellulite

With years of experience and knowledge plus one of the best shockwave machines available, Our team of doctors at Limelight Wellness Centre are well trained and equipped with the latest technology to offer you the best possible care for cellulite.

Various treatments both surgical and nonsurgical have been studied to treat cellulite. Among the non surgical techniques Acoustic Wave Therapy (shock wave therapy) has shown impressing results. In this technique a hand held device is used to produce and transmit sound waves to fat cells resulting in fat breakage and shrinking while promoting circulation in the same area to accelerate tissue clearance.

Non-Invasive Cellulite Treatment

What Is Cellulite?

Cellulite is the term used to describe a change in skin appearance. The change is seen as lumps and bumps and dimple formation making an uneven skin surface especially around the buttocks and thigh area. It has a higher prevalence in females. It’s been said that almost 80% of women experience some degrees of cellulite but it is not a harmful condition or disease.

Cellulite Shockwave Therapy in Vancouver, Physiotherapy at Limelight Wellness Centre

Cellulite is normally categorised into 4 grades. The grades are important as several studies have shown patients can normally be improved by 1 grade.

What Causes Cellulite? 

Even though the cause is not yet clear there has been theories and studies suggesting the role of hormones, genetics, diet and lifestyle.

The main mechanism causing this change in skin appearance is believed to be a result of growing fat cells protruding the connective tissue (causing bumps) while the skin is being tightly bound to the underlying dermal layer by fibrotic bands.

Hormones such as insulin, estrogen and prolactin are involved in cellulite formation by their effect on metabolism and fat production

Genetic factors can be linked to cellulite formation by affecting one’s metabolism rate, fat distribution under skin and circulation level

People with a diet high in fat, carbs, salt and low fibre are more likely to have cellulite or show a higher grade.

The grades of Cellulite:

1. No Dimping even with pressure applied

2. Dimpling when pressure is applied

3. Dimpling visible while standing but not laying down

4. Dimpling visible when laying down

Why Shockwave Therapy?

Why Physiotherapy at Limelight Wellness Centre

  • Physiotherapy Services at Limelight Wellness Clinic in Yaletown are provided by highly skilled registered physiotherapists that have over 15 years of experience. Our team is dedicated to planning and personalizing an effective treatment based on accurate assessments and can alleviate your pain using state of the art technology, the latest in manual therapy techniques and the most up to date in preventative treatment.
  • Our patients are always our number one priority. From the moment you enter our clinic and continuing throughout your rehabilitation, we designed everything with one thought in mind: making your experience exceptional. Whether you are suffering from chronic or acute pain, or pain  which is not responding to treatments, our Registered Physiotherapists will assess and treat your conditions to help you get your life back – pain free.
  • Our modern facility is conveniently located at the corner of Richards and Drake streets right next to Yaletown-Roundhouse subway station in the Downtown Vancouver Area.
  • The limelight wellness clinic is located in downtown Vancouver. It is a one-stop center that provides alternative health solutions and a variety of wellness treatments and therapies. Highly trained and skilled professionals offer our services with a great wealth of experience. Our physiotherapists go the extra mile to alleviate your pain using the latest technology, manual therapy approaches, and the most current preventative treatments.
  • Since our clients are our utmost priority, our services are tailored with you in mind. We organize personalized treatment based on a precise assessment to give you an exceptional experience from your initial visit to the completion of your rehabilitation.
Physiotherapy in Vancouver at Limelight Wellness Centre

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